1. Canva.com

Canva is a valuable tool for creating stunning graphics, presentations, social media content, animated posts, website backgrounds, and more

2. Quillbot.com

Quillbot.com offers a platform where you can rephrase your content using synonyms to elevate its quality.

3. Let convert

LetConvert is the tool that enables you to incorporate these social proofs on your sales page. Additionally, this tool can also gather email addresses from individuals filling out the checkout page.

4. Coolors.co (Color scheme Generator)

Websites must feature a well-chosen color scheme to shape your brand's perception. Moreover, picking the appropriate colors can boost sales.


If you're pressed for time and can't read lengthy documents, this website can be a game-changer. Simply paste your text or upload a document, and it will read it aloud for you.

6. Pexels.com

Numerous websites provide stock images online. However, Pexels stands out with its free promotions and extensive image library in comparison to other platforms.

7. Remove.bg

This website is a really quick way to remove background from any image.

8. PDF24tools

PDF24tools offers a variety of helpful features, such as merging, splitting, editing, and signing PDFs, addressing all your PDF-related needs.

9. Photopea.com

Photopea is a tool that is often overlooked but has the capabilities of Photoshop. It is ideal for editing posters and promotional materials with a professional touch.


If you are a marketer or looking to enhance your business with various software tools, this website is a top choice.

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