Best 5 Netflix Downloader for Netflix Movie Download

Are you tired of the limitations posed by Netflix’s official download feature? If you’re looking to take control of your Netflix content, edit, share, or simply enjoy more features, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, I’ll introduce you to the best 5 Netflix downloader that not only empower you to download Netflix videos but also offer an array of features for an enhanced streaming experience.

Why use the Netflix downloader?

While Netflix does have an official download feature, it falls short in terms of features, control, and accessibility. These Netflix downloaders fill the gaps left by the official tool. Here are some compelling reasons why you might need an additional Netflix downloader:

  1. Expiry Dates: Netflix downloads come with expiration dates; remove them from your library once they expire. Even if your download has days left, titles may be removed sooner if they leave Netflix.
  2. Quality Dependence on Plan: Lower-tier plans limit you to non-HD downloads. If your plan doesn’t support streaming HD videos, you can’t download them either.
  3. Netflix Sign-In Requirement: Access to downloads requires you to be signed in, making it essential to remember your login credentials.
  4. Not Truly “Offline” Access: Since you need to be signed in, if you lack internet access, you can’t sign in, and your downloads become inaccessible.
  5. Video-Player Restrictions: Videos can only be played within the Netflix app, restricting playback in other video players.
  6. No Sharing: Downloaded files can’t be shared or sent to others.
  7. Limited Control: The downloaded files cannot be edited, manipulated, or used in any other way.

A reliable Netflix downloader addresses these issues, providing a comprehensive solution. Let’s dive into the top 5 Netflix downloaders for an ultimate streaming experience.

1. TunePat

Netflix Downloader


Primary features:

  • Crystal Clear Downloads: Say hello to pristine clarity with HD downloads, making every pixel pop.
  • Batch Bonanza: Binge-watching just got easier. Download entire seasons or multiple episodes at once.
  • Subtitles and Soundtrack Symphony: TunePat downloads subtitles and audio tracks in multiple languages, turning your living room into a global theater.
  • User-Friendly Playground: Navigating TunePat is a breeze, even for newbies. Find your shows and movies in a snap.

TunePat is a solid Netflix downloader, excelling in HD downloads and supporting both MP4 and MKV formats. It allows for batch downloads, making it convenient for binge-watchers. TunePat also downloads subtitles and multi-language audio tracks, catering to diverse viewer preferences.

2. CleverGet


Primary features:

  • Free Downloads: Dive in headfirst with 3 free downloads, letting you test the waters before diving in.
  • 1080p Powerhouse: Download your shows and movies in stunning high definition, making popcorn mandatory.
  • Subtitle Savvy: No subtitles left behind! Download them embedded or as separate files, depending on your mood.
  • Multi-language Master: Got a penchant for foreign films? Download audio tracks in various languages, expanding your cinematic horizons.
  • Easy, Breezy Interface: No tech headaches here. Downloading is as simple as pasting a link and clicking a button.

CleverGet stands out as the top choice, offering an array of features. It supports 1080P video downloads, with the flexibility to adjust quality to accommodate slower internet connections. You can choose between MP4 and MKV formats and download multi-language audio tracks and subtitles. The tool’s easy-to-use interface and in-built search make it a hassle-free experience. Plus, CleverGet offers three free downloads, making it a cost-effective option.

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3. StreamFab

Netflix Downloader


Primary features:

  • Download Scheduler: Never miss a release again! Schedule automatic downloads for new episodes and movies.
  • Simultaneous Spree: Download multiple shows and movies at once, maximizing your Netflix marathon efficiency.
  • Subtitle and Soundtrack Symphony: Enjoy subtitles and audio tracks in various languages, adding cultural flair to your viewing experience.

Netflix Downloader

StreamFab impresses with its 1080P downloads and unique scheduled download feature. However, be mindful of its high system requirements and download limits. It allows users to choose between hardcoded and independent subtitles and offers flexibility in selecting audio tracks.

4. MovPilot

Netflix Downloader


Primary features:

  • Speed Demon: MovPilot harnesses the power of your hardware to download videos at lightning speed, saving you valuable waiting time.
  • Single or simultaneous: Download individual videos or entire seasons in one click, catering to your binge-watching style.
  • Free Trial Tidbit: Sample MovPilot’s prowess with a 6-minute download preview.

MovPilot offers up to 1080P downloads, supporting both MP4 and MKV formats. With features like subtitles and multilingual audio track downloads, it caters to diverse preferences. The inclusion of hardware acceleration ensures efficient download speeds. MovPilot also provides a free trial, allowing users to experience its features before committing.

5. KigoSoft

Netflix Downloader


Primary features:

  • 1080p Playground: Experience your shows and movies in high-definition detail.
  • Multi-tasking Marvel: Download individual videos or go full batch mode, saving you precious time.
  • Subtitle Smarts: Choose your subtitle style—embedded, independent, or multilingual—it’s all up to you.
  • Free Trial First Bite: KigoSoft lets you try before you buy with a 5-minute download preview.

KigoSoft offers reliable features, including 1080P downloads, batch processing, and subtitle and multi-language audio downloads. While slightly slower than other options, it provides a free trial, allowing users to test its capabilities before committing to a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is downloading Netflix content legal?

Yes, downloading Netflix content is legal for personal use. However, sharing or selling downloaded content publicly is prohibited.

How many movies or series can I download?

The download limits depend on the Netflix downloader you choose. CleverGet offers flexibility with no set limit, while tools like StreamFab may have restrictions (e.g., 50 downloads per day).

Can I watch or edit my downloaded videos after Netflix expires?

Using a Netflix downloader allows you to retain control over your downloaded videos even after your Netflix subscription expires.

Can I test these downloaders for free?

CleverGet stands out by offering three free downloads, allowing users to experience its capabilities at no cost. Other tools typically provide a free trial with limited download minutes (e.g., 5–10 minutes).

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Conclusion: The 5 best Netflix downloader for Netflix movies

In my opinion, CleverGet has emerged as the best Netflix downloader. With features like 1080P downloads, batch processing, and versatile subtitle and audio track options, it provides a comprehensive solution. The added benefit of three free downloads allows users to explore its capabilities risk-free. While other options on the list offer robust features, CleverGet’s combination of functionality and cost-effectiveness makes it my top recommendation. Start your Netflix downloading journey with CleverGet and explore other options if needed; they all stand as top-tier Netflix downloaders in their own right.

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