Best Laptop For Video Editing Under $1000 In 2024

Looking for the ideal laptop for video editing under $1000? You’re in the right place. Crafting this list with your budget and specific video editing needs in mind, I’ve considered various brands to cater to your preferences.

If this is your first venture into shopping for a video editing laptop, don’t worry; I’ve got you covered. Before diving into the laptop recommendations, let’s run through a quick checklist to guide you on what to look for in a budget-friendly video editing laptop.

Choosing the Best Laptop for Video Editing Under $1000 in 2024: A Quick Guide

When it comes to budget video editing laptops, certain hardware elements demand your attention:

  1. Identify your requirements.
    • Determine your editing level, focusing on resolution (1080P, 4K, or 8K).
    • Tailor your laptop choice based on your editing needs.
  2. CPU (Processor):
    • The central component for video editing is a powerful CPU.
    • While the GPU (graphic card) is essential, the CPU takes the lead in editing tasks.
  3. Display:
    • Crucial for video editing: prioritize an above-average display.
    • Consider resolution, color gamuts, panel type, brightness, and adjustability.
  4. GPU (Graphic Card):
    • Complement a powerful CPU with a capable GPU to share the editing workload.
    • Some modern software leans heavily on GPU capabilities (e.g., Da Vinci Resolve).
  5. RAM:
    • Termed as the “money” of a computer, more RAM is always better.
    • Regardless of CPU or GPU, ample RAM ensures smoother editing.
  6. Storage Size and Type:
    • While not a deciding factor, video files consume significant space.
    • Prefer SSDs over HDDs for faster performance and lower heat generation.
  7. Ratings and Reviews:
    • Always check reviews and ratings before making a purchase decision.

Now, let’s delve into the top picks for the best laptop for video editing under $1000:

1. HP Pavilion TPN-Q245

Best Laptop For Video Editing
HP Pavilion TPN-Q245 Image Credit:

Why do I think it’s the best budget video editing laptop? For starters, it’s exactly within your budget and costs about $999 without any discounts. During the sale, you could probably grab this for $850–$900.

Its “IPS” panel is what makes it a video editing laptop. IPS panels offer much better color consistency than the other common display panels out there. It does offer full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, which gives you exactly what you require.

It’s also a “touchscreen,” which means you do not necessarily need to use your mouse to click, scroll, or do most other things.

The processor is literally “the best” you get at this price point and is the 13th generation Intel i7. The RAM is massive and more than you need at 32 GB. This can handle even the most complex editing tasks without lagging. I’d have liked it even more if it was a DDR5 than a DDR4, but the difference isn’t a deal-breaker.

You get a 2TB SSD by default. That’s enough in most cases, and you can always upgrade once you run out. You also get Wi-Fi6, 1X HDMI Port (in case you wish to connect to external monitors or displays).

The best part is, that the same laptop offers you multiple specs. You can go for up to 64GB/2TB SSD versions or choose from 3 other options in between.

Key Features

Primary Features Details
Display resolution and type 1920 X 1080 IPS
Touchscreen Yes
Processor 13th Gen Intel i7
Display size 15.6”
Graphics Intel Iris Xe
RAM Up to 64GB DDR5
Storage Up to 2 TB SSD
Price $999 (Discounted price during sale: $850-$900)
Display Panel IPS panel for better color consistency
Touchscreen Functionality Eliminates the need for a mouse for various tasks
Processor Performance 13th Gen Intel i7 for efficient video editing
RAM Capacity 32GB (Upgradeable to 64GB)
Storage Capacity Default 2TB SSD, ample for most cases, and upgradeable
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6, 1X HDMI Port, 2 X USB type-C, 1 X USB Type-A
Keyboard Backlit for working in low-light conditions
Customization Options Multiple configurations are available, including RAM and SSD
Return Policy Free return policy for any reason, no charges incurred

Why it’s a top choice:

  • Within budget with potential discounts.
  • IPS panel for superior color consistency.
  • Touchscreen functionality.
  • Powerful 13th-generation Intel i7 processor.
  • Massive 32GB of RAM.
  • Default 2TB SSD, upgradable.
  • Multiple specs are available.
  • Backlit keyboard and a free return policy.

2. HP Pavilion 15T-EG300


HP Pavilion Laptop 15t-eg300, 15.6"
HP Pavilion 15T-EG300 Image Credit:

This one is almost identical to the laptop mentioned above. The only major difference is that it doesn’t offer a 1TB model as well, instead of starting at 2 TB. Probably for the same reasons, it’s also $50.00 cheaper.

Apart from that, it too has 32GB of DDR4 RAM by default and can be upgraded up to 64GB of DDR5. The processor is identical to the laptop above, an Intel Core i7 13th generation.

The display, too, will suit your needs, being a 15.6” touchscreen with 1920x1080P. And it’s IPS, so you aren’t missing out on the color accuracy either.

There’s also a fingerprint sensor. Although there’s no backlit keyboard, just in case that’s very important to you,.

It does have multiple versions you can go for, with the highest offer being 64GB of RAM coupled with 4TB of storage.

Key Features

Primary Features Details
Display resolution and type 1920 X 1080 IPS
Touchscreen Yes
Processor 13th Gen Intel i7
Display size 15.6”
Graphics Intel Iris Xe
RAM Up to 64GB DDR5 (Default: 32GB DDR4, upgradeable to 64GB DDR5)
Storage Up to 4TB (No 1TB option, starts at 2TB)
Price $50.00 cheaper compared to a similar model
Fingerprint Sensor Yes
Backlit Keyboard No

Additional features:

  • 32GB DDR4 RAM, upgradable to 64GB DDR5.
  • Fingerprint sensor.
  • Multiple versions are available.

3. Acer Swift 3 OLED

Acer Swift 3 OLED launched with 2.8K display, 12th-generation Intel processor at Rs 89,999 - Times of India
Acer Swift 3 OLED Image Credit: Times of India

This one has a clear advantage over the others when we’re talking about the best video editing laptops under $1,000. Its OLED display. That’s the best display you can get in the market currently, at this price.

Being OLED, you also get a much better 2880 X 1800 resolution. It’s like the next level after 1920X1080 that the laptops above offered.

Due to OLED’s true black and high contrast ratios, you get a better display than IPS panels.

What you get in terms of display, you make up for in terms of size. It’s a 14” display, and while still pretty good, it’s smaller than the two options above.

The processor is a 12th-generation Intel Core i7. Again, a downgrade from the earlier options but still an extremely powerful and capable CPU.

You get 16GB of RAM but it’s DDR5. The lowest storage is 1 TB; however, it can be upgraded up to 4 TB.

The ports are all there, 2X USB type-C Thunderbolt, 2 X USB type-A, and a single HDMI port for display requirements.

Key Features

Primary Features Details
Display resolution and type 2880 X 1080 OLED
Touchscreen No
Processor 12th Gen Intel i7
Display size 14”
Graphics Intel Iris Xe
RAM Up to 16GB DDR5
Storage Up to 4TB (Upgradeable from 1TB)
Advantages OLED display for superior visuals, 2880 X 1800 resolution
True black and high contrast ratios for better display quality
Processor Performance Powerful 12th generation Intel Core i7
Size 14” display, smaller than the options above
Ports 2X USB type-C Thunderbolt, 2 X USB type-A, 1 X HDMI


4. LG Gram 17Z90P

Gram 17 Ultra-Lightweight, Core i7 Processor - Black | LG UAE
LG Gram 17Z90P Image Credit: LG

A bigger screen means better resolution. If that’s what you seek, the LG GRAM is the best laptop for video editing under $1,000 for you.

You get a 17” display, which is the biggest so far on this list. Then you also get a 2560×1600 resolution. Finally, the display is an IPS panel, making sure you don’t lose out on color accuracy.

Yes, the processor is 11th Gen i7. But, hear me out. The laptop is EVO-certified. That’s like an instant buy signal. Now, any laptop with the EVO certification “guarantees” a few things. For starters, <1 second wake-time. The certification also guarantees 9 hours of battery life hence you’ll be editing on the go! Of course, it’ll be USB-C compatible and finally, there’s Thunderbolt 4 and WiFi6.

The process is impressive too, being an 11th-generation Core i7. You also get 16 GB of DDR4 RAM coupled with 1TB SSD. You get 2X USB C ports, 1X USB A, and 1 X HDMI ports.

Key Features

Primary Features Details
Display resolution and type 2560 X 1600 IPS
Touchscreen No
Processor 11th Gen Intel i7
Display size 17”
Graphics Intel Iris Xe
RAM Up to 16GB
Storage 1TB SSD
EVO Certification Guarantees < 1-second wake-time, 9 hours of battery life
USB-C compatible, Thunderbolt 4, and WiFi 6
Processor Performance Impressive 11th Gen Core i7
Additional Specs 16GB DDR4 RAM, 2x USB C ports, 1x USB A, and 1 HDMI

Notable features:

  • EVO certification for quick wake time and extended battery life.
  • 11th Gen Core i7 processor.
  • 16GB of DDR4 RAM and 1TB of SSD.
  • Various ports, including Thunderbolt.

5. Dell Latitude 3420

Dell Latitude 3420 Laptop | Dell India
Dell Latitude 3420 Image Credit: Dell India

I’ll be honest. There’s no specific wow factor that the piece offers, except that it’s from Dell. If you’re a brand-loyal person and Dell is your brand, go for it.

It sure is a beefy system with 32 GB of DDR4 RAM and 1 TB of SSD. The process, while not the best on this list, is still an 11th-gen Core i7. The display won’t disappoint either with its 1920 x 1080 IPS resolution. Hence, you’re getting the pixels as well as the color accuracy. It’s very rich in terms of ports; USB type C, type A, HDMI, and even Micro SD card slots are available.

In terms of pricing, it’s almost $900, and you may even find it lower during the sale. You can upgrade the HDD and RAM to 2 TB and 64 GB, respectively. All in all, if you’d like to settle for good laptops for editing YouTube videos, this is it.

Key Features

Primary Features Details
Display resolution and type 1920 X 1080 IPS
Touchscreen No
Processor 11th Gen Intel i7
Display size 17”
Graphics Intel Iris Xe
RAM Up to 64GB
Storage 2TB HDD (Upgradeable)
Brand Loyalty Dell
System Configuration 32GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SSD
Processor Performance 11th Gen Core i7
Display Quality 1920 X 1080 resolution, IPS panel
Ports and Connectivity USB type C, type A, HDMI, and Micro SD card slots
Pricing Almost $900 (potentially lower during sales)


  • Newer Processor Generation or Model?
    • Prioritize the generation (e.g., 13th) over the model (e.g., i7).
  • OLED vs. LCD vs. LED vs IPS Panels
    • OLED is top-notch, followed by IPS for video editing.
  • DDR4 RAM or DDR5?
    • DDR5 is better, but consider it within the budget without sacrificing other features.
  • Gaming Laptop for Video Editing?
    • Gaming laptops are powerful but focus more on GPU; prioritize a laptop with a balance of CPU and GPU for video editing.

Final Thoughts on the Best Laptop for Video Editing Under $1000 in 2024:

While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, this ranked list should help you choose the best laptop for video editing based on your priorities and budget flexibility. Refer to the specified specs for each option to make an informed decision. Starting with the top-ranked option should align you with your desired features.

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