NordVPN Review – Best VPN for Unblocking Sites

In today’s digital age, maintaining online privacy and security has become paramount. With the increasing threat of cyber attacks and the ever-growing importance of accessing geo-restricted content, having a reliable virtual private network (VPN) has become essential. Among the myriad options available, NordVPN stands out as a top contender, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to provide users with a secure and unrestricted browsing experience.

But there are also a few noticeable problems with NordVPN. For example, users may get doubtful about the product when they experience bothersome bugs following upgrades. However, let’s go a little further in our NordVPN review: How well-suited is this VPN for both novice and seasoned users? Is NordVPN secure to use? What is its performance like for torrenting and streaming? How much does NordVPN cost?

The previously described findings represent just a small portion of the extensive analysis of NordVPN that our Cybernews analysts conducted. Using our wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, we conducted practical testing as part of our investigation to evaluate NordVPN’s capabilities. Although NordVPN is one of the best VPN services, it’s important to realize that not everyone will find it useful.

What is NordVPN?

NordVPN is a leading VPN service provider known for its robust security measures, fast connection speeds, and extensive server network. Founded in 2012, the company has quickly risen to prominence, earning accolades from users and industry experts alike. With a focus on user privacy and freedom, NordVPN offers a range of features designed to protect your online activities while allowing you to access content from anywhere in the world.

⭐ Rating:
🥇 Overall rank: #1 out of #42
📖 No logs policy: No logs
💵 Price: From $3.39/month
🖥️ Servers: 6,000 + servers in 61 countries
🍿 Streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more
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Key features of NordVPN

  1. Advanced Security Protocols: NordVPN employs military-grade encryption protocols to safeguard your data and protect your online privacy. With features like AES-256 encryption and a strict no-log policy, you can browse the web with peace of mind, knowing that your information is secure.
  2. Global Server Network: With over 5,500 servers spread across 60 countries, NordVPN provides users with unparalleled access to geo-restricted content. Whether you’re looking to stream your favorite shows or access websites blocked in your region, NordVPN has you covered.
  3. Fast Connection Speeds: NordVPN is renowned for its fast and reliable connection speeds, making it ideal for streaming, gaming, and downloading large files. With dedicated servers for optimized performance, you can enjoy seamless browsing without any lag or buffering.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: NordVPN’s intuitive interface makes it easy for users to connect to servers, customize their settings, and navigate the app with ease. Whether you’re a tech-savvy user or a VPN novice, NordVPN’s user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience.
  5. Multi-Platform Support: NordVPN offers support for a wide range of devices and operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and more. With up to six simultaneous connections per account, you can protect all of your devices with a single subscription.

Double Data Encryption

I know this is one of the unique things you will read in this NordVPN review. Over time, I have reviewed over a dozen VPN services, and this feature has captivated me.

While an ordinary VPN service encrypts your data only once, NordVPN gives you the option to do it twice with the help of two VPN servers. For the same reason, spying on your online activities becomes a hard nut to crack.


Secure yourself with NordVPN

Once you log into your account on NordVPN software, you can see Double VPN under the Servers tab. All you have to do is select one from the list of available servers.

Logging Policy

I know every single VPN service proclaims this feature. Still, not many of them show it much importance. Some providers record your activities and hand them over to security agencies based on their needs. Given that a VPN is used to foolproof your privacy, this action can’t be justified.

However, NordVPN has a stringent zero-logging policy. As long as you continue to use NordVPN, both your identity and your online activity are public.

Your username and password are the only things they keep on file. All they are aware of regarding payment is that the subscription has been paid for. They also won’t inquire too much about that.

Supports up to 6 Simultaneous Devices

Do you want simultaneous device support? Sometimes, you have to use a VPN on multiple devices at the same time. Unfortunately, not every VPN service offers the same feature. As a result, you end up being broke by selecting the wrong provider.

Let me get back to the present scenario for NordVPN. The service supports a maximum of six simultaneous devices. That means you can use the same account to log in to use the VPN service on your phone, personal computer, and other devices.

I don’t think many VPN providers offer such a whopping number of simultaneous devices.

Automatic Kill Switch

As a VPN server becomes busy, not even God can prevent some downtime! What happens when a VPN connection drops, provided you are using a prohibited website? Your identity will be at stake.


The NordVPN team has worked hard to avoid this and introduce added protection. They have embedded an automatic kill switch technology into the software. When the VPN connection drops, it shuts down the software or the website you have specified.

Yeah, you should set it up in advance. I hope you heard the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’.

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24×7 Customer Support

If you are new to this whole VPN stuff, you sure need some helping hand when it comes to configuring the connection.

NordVPN offered several options for its customer service, like 24/7 live chat, email support, and an in-depth database of submitted user questions to leaf through. When we wanted to dig into the details of what data the VPN logged, for example, we navigated to NordVPN’s support page. While NordVPN doesn’t provide a phone number in case we wanted to talk to a human, we still had access to plenty of resources on NordVPN’s support page.

DNS Leak Resolver

With a VPN connection, you use DNS servers – NordVPN owns theirs. Without a VPN, you would end up using DNS servers provided by your ISP.


Once you establish a connection to a VPN server, your ISP can’t track your activities simply because you aren’t using their server. That said, sometimes, your browser forgets you have an active VPN connection and it sends requests outside the anonymous server – if that were to happen, your identity might become traceable. But NordVPN has you covered here too, as their DNS leak resolver keeps all DNS queries secure and protected.

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How to Establish a VPN Connection for the First Time?

Next up in this NordVPN review, you are going to read how to connect to a VPN server for the first time.

  • Step 1: First, you have to visit the NordVPN website. You can see a Pricing link on the top navigation bar.


  • Step 2: Once you click on the same, you should choose any of the plans given there.


  • Step 3: Now, you have to provide the payment details. You can use any of the methods mentioned there. They even accept Bitcoin.


  • Step 4: When you complete the checkout process, you can log into your account using the credentials you just gave. (Use the My Account link for the same).
  • Step 5: The following is what you see right after logging into your account.
  • Step 6: There you can see multiple platforms. I am going with the recommended one under Windows 10.



  • Step 7: You should proceed to the installation after finishing the download process.


  • Step 8: As the installation finishes, you will see the interface getting opened on its own. You have to provide the login credentials. Do it.


  • Step 9: After logging in, you can see the interface, like in the image given below.


Pro Tip: Whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, a VPN is one of the three must-have digital security products. That’s because connecting to public Wi-Fi is inevitable when traveling, so you need a VPN to protect your data privacy.

You can use both the Map and Servers tabs to establish the connection. Still, I like using the second one.


Choose any server from there. I recommend going with one with a low load. That’s it.

Secure yourself with NordVPN

Pros and Cons of NordVPN 

Tunneling protocols

Your data is transferred between the VPN server and your device using tunneling protocols. NordVPN supports these three main options.

Protocol Best for
OpenVPN Versatile, all-around security
IKEv2/IPsec Mobile devices, cellular/Wi-Fi data
NordLynx the best option overall

Here’s what they are, and what should you choose them for:

  • OpenVPN (UDP/TCP) is an open-source VPN protocol, used by many major VPN providers. It is secure and works on multiple platforms. On NordVPN, you can choose which option you like more. You can pick a safer (TCP) or faster (UDP) method. Available on all NordVPN clients.
  • IKEv2/IPsec is best used on mobile devices. It’s much less CPU intensive, and excellent at establishing a reconnection, making it ideal for a seamless switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data. Available on iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • WireGuard (NordLynx): this is NordVPN’s custom take on next-gen WireGuard VPN technology. It’s an upgrade on older protocols, with superior options for both speed and security. Available on all NordVPN clients.

ioXt certification

NordVPN is one of the few service providers in the market that has ioXt certified mobile apps. This confirms their compliance with strict security standards. Not to mention that the bar for applying involves rigorous testing of the service’s privacy policy and the security of the apps.

Here are the key findings:


NordVPN scored the highest marks on all criteria, including the highest level 4 (highest) on the vulnerability reporting program. Not only does it accept external submissions, but it also has a public research rewards program. Even when it comes to password management, they got a level 4 ranking. Authentication is not the only requirement. App APIs require re-authentication for sensitive transactions. You can read the full certification report here.

Only recently has this certificate been applied to VPN apps. Previously, it was exclusive to IoT devices. This new change also means that only a handful of VPN services can boast about having it. NordVPN is naturally at the forefront of the other industry leaders.

NordVPN compared to other VPNs

Today, the VPN market is flooded with high-quality VPN services. Consequently, it’s getting harder and harder to know which one is the most suitable for you. To speed things up and help you see how well NordVPN performs, we’ve compared it to the top 5 VPNs:

NordVPN Surfshark IPVanish ExpressVPN CyberGhost
Brand SurfsharkVPN comparison table logo NEW ExpressVPN Cyberghost VPN
Price (lowest price per month) $3.39/month $2.29/month $3.25/month $6.67/month $2.19/month
Free version Yes, 7-day Yes, 7-day No Yes, 7-day for mobile devices Yes, 1-day on a desktop, 3-day on Android, and 7-day on iOS
Servers 6,000+ servers in 61 countries 3200+ servers in 100 countries 2200+ servers in 52 countries 3000+ servers in 105 countries 11500+ servers in 100 countries
Speed in Mbit/s (based on our in-house speed tests) 245 Mbit/s 242 Mbit/s 156 Mbit/s 138Mbit/s 96Mbit/s
Unblocked streaming services Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and more Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Disney+, and more Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and more Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Disney+
Tracker and ad blocker Yes Yes No No Yes
Logging No logs, independently audited 4 times by PwC No logs, independently audited by Cure 53 No logs, independently audited by Leviathan No logs, independently audited by Cure53 No logs, independently audited by Deloitte
Apple TV app Yes No Yes Yes No
Devices per account 6 Unlimited Unlimited 8 7

If you’re interested in finding out how NordVPN stacks up against other VPNs, take a look at some of our comparisons:

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In conclusion, if you’re in the market for a reliable and feature-rich VPN service, look no further than NordVPN. With its advanced security protocols, global server network, and fast connection speeds, NordVPN is the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their online privacy and access content from anywhere in the world.

In a world where online privacy and security are more important than ever, NordVPN stands out as a beacon of reliability and trustworthiness. With its advanced security features, fast connection speeds, and extensive server network, NordVPN offers everything you need to stay safe and unrestricted online. Whether you’re a casual internet user or a seasoned tech enthusiast, NordVPN has something for everyone. So why wait? Try NordVPN today and experience the internet like never before!


1, Is NordVPN a good VPN?

NordVPN is a good VPN. Its headquarters is in Panama, which isn’t part of any international surveillance alliances. It won’t track anything about the user’s web activity or IP addresses, encrypting both with AES-256.

NordVPN allows for Netflix and torrenting use, and it has fast speeds on our Mac computer. However, we saw a lot of lag with our Windows Acer Aspire, so NordVPN may be a better option for Mac users over PC users.

6, Is NordVPN owned by China?

China does not own NordVPN. Rather, NordVPN has a parent company, Tefincom S.A. that is based in Panama. It also has offices in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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